Technical feasibility studies

Today’s industry is facing unique requests and needs on a daily basis for which conventional techniques are not always a solution.

At VLB we make all our knowledge and expertise available to our clients, whether it is a new product, shape, material, or the need to optimize an existing process. After specifying the specific needs together with the client, our R&D department uses all its know-how through technical feasibility studies to propose the right solution that meets the requirements.



Tool engineering and production

Equipment is not the only secret of a quality-forming operation with consistent results. It is also based on the tool engineering, the design, the quality of the materials, the machining, and the treatments used.

The vast experience of our engineering department, the quality of our production means, and the professionalism of our programmers and operators ensure quality in all tool production processes manufactured at VLB.


Customer Training

Customer training has a positive impact that cannot be underestimated. VLB training plans are designed in such a way that the learning time is as short and efficient as possible. Let the client develop autonomy and make the most out of the equipment.

Knowledge transfer is designed to increase more efficient use, contribute to profitability, reduce downtime, and extend the life of tools and equipment.

Training can be carried out at the VLB or at the client.

Machine components and consumables

All our machines are fully developed, produced, and assembled in our factories in Famalicão, Portugal.

The manufacturing process has been fully digitized and controlled to guarantee and certify the traceability of all machine components.

Our warehouse, with an area of ​​800m2, has a permanent stock of all components used in the machines. For example, we are able to ship an order within 24 hours after receipt of an order identified by coding.

We work daily with the best international transport companies to ensure fast delivery.